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How to register multiple users for a course by uploading a spreadsheet (CSV file)

by | Apr 22, 2019 | 0 comments

DigitalChalk’s Register Multiple Users feature allows you to easily register multiple users for a course through the simple upload of a spreadsheet (CSV file). To do this:

  • Log into your organization as an Organization Administrator
  • Click the Administration tab
  • Confirm that all of the users whom you want to be registered for the course already have an account within your organization
    • If the users do not already have an account within your organization you can create them using our Mass Import feature if you so desire
  • Click the Register Multiple Users sub-category tab
  • Begin entering the name of the course, as you type a course or course list will be displayed, click on the name of the course that you want to use for registration
  • Upload your CSV file that contains at least the user’s email address
  • Map the email address column in your CSV file to the email field in the import tool
  • Click the Import Now button

The time that the system will take to complete this activity is dependent upon the number of users that you are registering for the course. This process could take several seconds, minutes or longer depending on the number of registrations being performed.


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