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UPtick FAQ

by | May 1, 2020 | 0 comments

What is UPtick?

The UPtick platform is a collection of digital role-plays that are designed to be fun and engaging while helping salespeople evaluate, develop and reinforce sales skills. This all takes place in a risk-free environment, with the end goal of an “UPtick” in sales production. The UPtick platform also contains other tools and features to provide a complete learning solution, from hiring, to onboarding, to continued development.

What’s in UPtick?

UPtick consists of digital role-plays: sales development resources that focus primarily on the skills and activities associated with filling the pipeline. There are also assessments, games, reporting, and management tools.

What are the assessments?

The assessments are designed to evaluate a person’s inherent Sales Behaviors, allowing sales leaders to gain insight into each 

What are the digital role-plays like?

The digital role-plays are self-led experiences in virtual 3D business environments – like offices and conference rooms. The conversations will generally take place between you and a customer or prospect. But in some cases you will be in a strategy session with a virtual sales manager.

When can I use UPtick?

Anytime. UPtick is available on demand and is ready to be played when it’s convenient to you.

What can I learn from UPtick?

UPtick allows you to engage in virtual role plays that develop and reinforce sales skills, sales behavior, and emotional intelligence. Once you complete a conversation, UPtick will present you with a score so you know how well you did.

How long are the digital role-plays?

Each runs around 8-12 minutes. The overall amount of time spent will vary depending on each role-play, and each user’s own pace.

Can I play the digital role-plays more than once?

Yes. You can run through the conversations as many times as you like and only your best score will be posted. As a matter of fact, after you’ve successfully completed a conversation you can explore other decisions and conversation paths you have not chosen before to see what the various outcomes would be. There are more than 10,000 decision combinations possible within each role-play, making them interesting and unique every time they are played.

Who sees my scores?

UPtick generates two scores: one private and one public. Only you and your manager see your private scores, which are specific to your skills. The public score is your leaderboard score. The leaderboard score is for all to see and sets the stage for competition.

What is Account Planning?

The Account Planning section contains skills development and reinforcement material, as well as information about the situation that will be played out in the conversations.

I’m having trouble running the role-plays.

Check out our troubleshooting doc here or contact us here.

What is in store for UPtick?

We’ll be adding a lot more conversations in all categories of the sales process. Without getting into details, rest assured that the top objectives for UPtick include being fun, engaging, instructive, informative, and unique.

What are the minimum requirements to use UPtick?

Currently the following technical requirements are needed by your system:

For a Computer

  • Web Browser: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later; Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Graphics Card: UPtick’s 3D content requires a graphics card of some kind; most graphics cards are supported


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