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UPtick Reports

by | May 5, 2020 | 0 comments

The Reports page is only viewable to those with manager or administrator UPtick access.

View team member results and create customized UPtick reports to get the information you need about your team’s performance. To begin, click Reports from the Progress menu.

You can select which report you want to view by choosing from the Selected Report dropdown in the upper right. Next to that, you can filter users by teams in the Selected Teams dropdown.

When choosing teams, please note that the filter is additive. In other words, if you have one team selected, and then select another team, it will show both, not replace one with the other. To switch between teams, Click “All users” in the dropdown to reset the filter, and then select the new team you want to view.  

The top part of the page is a visual representation of the report you currently have selected. If you want to view the report without the chart, click .

Click to choose a different default chart or create and save your own. 

Click on any report heading to see additional details. In the example Assessment Baseline report below, you can click the Farmer heading to see detailed Assessment scores for this sales behavior for all the employees on the report.

Farmer Sales Behavior Scoring Detail

Similarly, in the example Simulation Metrics report below, you can click the Identifying CSI heading to see detailed selling skills scores for this role-play for all the employees on the report.

Identifying CSI Behavior Scoring Detail

Click to download any report as a CSV file. If your report has a chart, it is not downloaded.

Clicking on a user name in the report will take you to the Metrics page for the selected user.


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