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UPtick Role-plays

by | May 5, 2020 | 0 comments

UPtick Role-play simulations, also known as Conversations, provide a safe and consequence-free environment for you to practice and sharpen your sales skills and receive instant feedback. These research-driven simulations are designed to evaluate core selling skills from several different perspectives and are available on demand and across multiple devices and platforms.

If you’re a regular team member, the Role-plays list is displayed when you log in to UPtick. If you’re an Administrator, you can see the Role-plays list by clicking Role-plays from the Play menu.

Click the role-play title to see a brief description, then click to start the role-play. You’re scored when you complete a role-play. Your role-play scores are displayed on the Role-plays list, as well as your personal Metrics page. Your score is INC for role-plays you have not started or completed.

Normally, there are 6 main Categories which comprise a total of 13 Role Plays, although these numbers may differ depending on your Administor’s settings. The standard Categories include:

  • Prospecting
  • Sales Foundations
  • Discovery
  • Presenting
  • Objection Management
  • Negotiating and Closing

Here is an overview of each category with the corresponding role-plays:


Pre-Call Planning

You’ll be meeting Janet, a sales executive from VirtualSoft, to discuss an open sales position with her company. To get the job you need to demonstrate your knowledge of How to: Identify Suitable Prospects, Produce a Compelling Value Proposition, Get Past the Gatekeeper.

Qualifying High-Probability Prospects

You’ll be meeting with your sales VP, Janet, to lay out a strategy for your first account, Grayless. Your objective is to instill in Janet a sense of confidence about your ability to move the account from being idle to a deal on your forecast.

Cold Calling

You’ll be meeting with Jimmy Chang at Grayless. Your objective is to get him on the phone and engage him with a compelling value proposition.

Sales Foundation

Making a Powerful First Impression

You’ve just been assigned the Argon account and are about to meet Gerald Forsythe, the VP of technical operations for Argon, for the first time. Gerald’s group has been evaluating the Conflict Killer product for the past five months. Your predecessor would have closed this deal, but he left the company while the evaluation was still in progress. As a result, Argon has had the product in their possession for 150 days, 60 days longer than your company policy provides for product evaluations.

It goes without saying that it’s your job to close that deal! But remember, you’re meeting Gerald for the first time. You need to build a rapport with him that will enable you to become a Trusted Advisor, and deliver value to Argon, Gerald, and your company.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Gerald is busy and doesn’t have time to waste. So, to become a trusted advisor you’ll have to provide value by bringing something of value to the table that Gerald doesn’t already have or know, and more importantly, needs. And remember, it’s time to close that Conflict Killer deal.

Argon needs this product, and your company and sales manager are counting on that deal as well. And closing this deal will be good for you, too, by getting you a little closer towards your quota goal, and putting some serious money in your pocket. An important thing to remember about Gerald; he’s a no nonsense guy who likes to get down to business.


Identifying CSI (Concerns, Situations, and Impact)

Arun is desperate to find a solution to his problem. In addition to you and your firm, he’s also considering competing firms. Make sure to understand his business needs. Someone is going to get this business. Let’s hope it’s you!

Securing the Buy-In

You are about to meet Arun Patel of Synchronized for the second time. You need to match your solution to Arun’s and his company’s needs for the purpose of obtaining his buy-in to your solution. If there is a fit, you’ll have moved the ball forward to the next step and will have an opportunity to pitch to Arun’s team. Each step gets you closer to a deal.

You have to strike a balance. You’ll need to ask open-ended questions to obtain agreement that the solution will work for Arun and Synchronized. But, you’ll have to sell, handle objections, and be closing, all at the same time.


Preparing and Previewing a Proposal

You’ll be meeting with Arun Patel in his office at Synchronized Systems to preview your proposed solution before you create a final version to present to his team. You’ll need to walk him through your solution to validate that it hits the mark. You might also use this time to find out more about his team members who will participate in your formal presentation of the final proposal.

Presenting to a Group

You’ll be meeting with Arun Patel and his team in a conference room at their site. Your objective is to present your proposal to them and gain their approval. You can expect lots of questions and probably some pushback.

Objection Management

Recognizing and Responding to Objections

You’ll be meeting Jimmy Chang, the Manager of Manufacturing for Grayless, in his office to further explore the viability of a VirtualSoft solution for Grayless’s European expansion. Your objective for this meeting is to persuade Jimmy to pause the current approach of expanding the existing system and begin diligence on the alternative of replacing it with a VirtualSoft solution. But to attain your objective, you’ll need to address Jimmy’s concerns (objections) about switching to your system.

Handling Competitive & Price Objections

You’ll be meeting with Fred Wallace, who leads the planning team at Grayless, in his office to discuss the viability of evaluating your VirtualSoft solution for their European expansion. Fred and his team have already put a lot of work into evaluating and recommending that Grayless upgrade their current system to accommodate their needs, so you’ll need to convince Fred that it’s worthwhile to consider VirtualSoft.

Negotiating and Closing

Preparing for Negotiation

You will be meeting with your boss, Janet Wilson, to prepare for your upcoming negotiation with Barry Clark, the Purchasing Manager at Grayless. You’ll want to describe your approach and seek coaching and guidance from Janet.

Negotiating the Deal

You will be meeting with Barry Clark, the Manager of Procurement, in his office at Grayless. Your goal is to execute the plan developed with your sales manager in an effort to negotiate acceptable, if not favorable, terms and conditions.


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