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UPtick Troubleshooting

by | May 1, 2020 | 0 comments

“I’m getting an unsupported browser or platform notification.”

UPtick can be accessed in a variety of ways, but you may originally attempt a method that is not supported. When this happens, after logging in you will see a page like this:


Please note that in the screenshot above, you should click on the icon of the device that you are currently using. So, if you see this screen while on your tablet, click on the “I want to use my mobile device” option. If you see this screen while on your computer, please click on the “I want to use my computer” option.

If you clicked on the mobile device option, you will see the following screen:


Click on the type of tablet or phone you are using to go to the proper store.

If you clicked on the computer option, you will see the following screen:


We highly recommend clicking on the download option whenever possible. The download offers the best user experience, allowing for better video quality and faster load times.

If you are unable or not allowed to download programs to your computer, or if you are using a Mac, click on the internet option.


Before you click on a link, check on your computer to see if you already have one of these browsers installed. All Windows 10 computers come with Edge pre-installed, and many company computers are transitioning over to Chrome and/or Firefox.

If you do not have one of the above browsers, select one of the options to download the browser shown; you will need to install it, still.


If you clicked on the download option, you’ll see this page. Here, you can either download the UPtick computer program, or you can launch it if it is already installed on your machine.

When UPtick is first installed, it should also make an icon on your desktop that you can click to quickly and easier launch it without needing to go through the above steps each time.


Clicking the download option will bring you to the final page—just click the button to download UPtick onto your machine, and once it’s installed, you’ll be able to access UPtick without having to open a browser.

If you have trouble with these steps, or if you are completely locked out from downloading anything to your machine, please reach out either to your supervisor or contact us directly at:


“It’s taking a long time to load”

UPtick content should load within 30-60 seconds. Most likely, if you are experiencing long loading times, you are loading the 3D virtual role-play conversations, with the following loading screens:



If you find that UPtick is taking a long time to fully load, here are the most likely reasons, and things you try that may alleviate the problems.

1) The page is not focused

If you are accessing UPtick on your computer’s browser: the page in must cases must be focused to load quickly. This means that if you start loading UPtick and do something else on your computer: the loading time of UPtick may suffer. 

2) The internet connection speeds are slower than normal.

Occasionally, the internet itself running slower than normal. The reasons for this are varied (a lot of people on the same network at the same time, technical issues, etc.), but you can test your current internet speed by visiting either of the following two sites: or

Either site will allow you to perform a free, safe, and fast test of your internet speeds. If you find that your download speeds are 10mps or less, then there seems to be something happening with your internet connection; you will probably notice slow loading times for websites that are heavy in video content (such as YouTube, or a streaming news site). Contact your IT department, Internet Service Provider, or whoever may be in charge to alert them to the issue.

You can also check back later and see if things have improved, but usually it’s best to notify someone first, in case no one else has reported it.

If your download speeds are under 3mps, unfortunately, we recommend that you either wait and try again later when the speed might be up, or seek out a different internet connection to use. The platform can still operate, but your wait times would be very long.

3) Your device is using non-optimal hardware/software.

If your internet speeds are checking out just fine, another frequent cause is that your tablet/computer does not have the proper hardware and/or software to handle UPtick’s content. If you know the specs of your tablet/computer, you can compare them to the minimum requirements we list for running UPtick:

On a PC

Windows XP Windows


DirectX 9 11

2 4


CPU 2 3


Supported Internet Browsers: Edge, Chrome, Firefox

On a Mac

OS X 10.8+

2 4


CPU 2 3


Supported Internet Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

On an iPad

Models: iPad 24,

iPad Mini, iPad Air

iOS version 6 7

OpenGL ES 2.0 2.1

CPU Speed 1 1.4


On an Android

(Examples include Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus ZenPad, etc.)

Android OS 4.5+

Open GL ES 2.0+

ARMv7 (Cortex) CPU with NEON support orAtom


If your device is not meeting the minimum specs laid out here, then this can result in slower

loading times. In this case, possible workarounds include:

Use the download

The download was specifically built to run better on machines that are not optimized for web content. By using the computer’s internal capabilities, rather than those within a browser, content can load faster and play smoother.

Go here to get the download:

Please note that this is only available to Windows PC users.

Once installed, you should have a desktop icon that you can click on for easy future access to the program.

Try another device.

If you cannot use the download, but do have more than one way to access UPtick, try another method. This includes trying a different browser, or using a tablet.

Contact us:

If none of the above suggestions help resolve your issue, please contact us at:

UPtick Troubleshooting Guides – Long Loading Times.pdf (1000 KB)

Conversation Troubleshooting

What Is This Page?

This page is designed to help troubleshoot issues with UPtick’s 3D conversations. Below are some quick tips to help rectify some problems you may encounter. If you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

The Conversation Won’t Load

If the conversation is taking an abnormally long time to load look at the guide here.

Update Your Graphics Drivers

UPtick conversations are 3D applications that require a graphics card to work. If the drivers that run your graphics card are out of date then the conversation maybe unable to run. Upgrade your graphics drivers to the most recent version and try again.


On modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge our 3D content runs on a platform called WebGL. This makes it easier to run on your device. In order to test whether WebGL is running go to You should see a spinning cube and the words “Your browser supports WebGL”. If you don’t, WebGL might be disabled in your browser or unsupported by your computer.

Running Slow

If the conversation loaded well, but is running slow try the following steps:

Update your graphics drivers

Shrink the size of your browser window

Downgrade the quality of UPtick in the settings pane


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