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How to use DigitalChalk Transcripts

by | Nov 25, 2019 | 0 comments

DigitalChalk Transcripts provide learners with detailed information about their course progress and grades, attended or scheduled events, learner achievements, and leaderboard placement. This brand new feature is likewise beneficial to course administrators of online training programs or online training businesses because it offers quick and efficient tracking of learner accomplishments.

Follow these easy steps to view and export Transcripts in DigitalChalk:

Learner View

1. Click “Account.”

2. Click “View Transcript.”

3.  Click the tab for the transcript you want to view.

*Note: The tabs you see in your dashboard may vary from those shown here. 

4. Click the “Show All” dropdown menu to select a filtering option.

5. Click the download icon to export a CSV version of the transcript you want, or click “Print All Transcripts” for a printer-friendly version of all Transcripts.

Administrator View

1. Click “Administration.”

2. In the side menu, click “Users.”

3. Select a user, and click “View Transcript.”

After step 3 from the administrator view, steps 4-6 are the same as steps 3-5 in the learner view.


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