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Creating Course Landing Pages

by | Oct 17, 2019 | 0 comments

Landing pages are a tool for course administrators to outline course content, requirements, expectations, and progress for their learners. Likewise, they’re useful for marketing and selling online courses because you can display your course offerings from them. Follow these steps to your course landing pages:

1. Log in to your DigitalChalk organization, and click “Manage Courses.”

2. On the “Manage Courses” page, click “Offerings.”

3. Select the offering for the course that you would like to create a landing page for.

4. On the “Edit an Offering” page, click “Landing Page.” A page is displayed for you to add landing page details.

5. Choose to make the landing page public or not. If you choose not to make the landing page public, learners will only be able to see the landing page if they are signed into their DigitalChalk accounts. If you make the landing page public, anyone with the link can see it.

6. Upload a header image.

7. Copy and paste a Vimeo or YouTube URL if you want a welcome video on your landing page.

8. Select an instructor profile and include a Twitter handle for the instructor (if applicable). Click “Save” when you’re finished.


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